Email Archiving

Archive, retain and ensure on-demand retrieval of emails and compliance with rules & regulations like SOX, SEBI guidelines and IT Act.


& real-time archiving

with any email server

of 3rd party DB server


Automated Email Archiving

Seamlessly integrate with any email server and automatically archive incoming, outgoing & internal emails in real-time

  • Quickly integrate with any email server
  • Policy and rule based archiving
  • Real-time archiving to prevent
  • Archive existing emails with built-in import tools

Compressed Storage

Retain emails in compressed format to save on storage requirements

  • Email de-duplication
  • Smart attachment storage
  • No 3rd party DB server required
  • Storage in multiple volumes

Search & Retrieve Emails On-Demand

Quickly search & retrieve emails even if the employee concerned is no longer a part of the organization

  • View, print, download & forward searched emails
  • Search within attachments
  • Recover emails not archived
  • Supports full text search (FTS), bulk print & export

Simplified Web-based Administration

Manage through a web-based admin interface without requiring any knowledge of Linux commands.

  • Monthly and daily archived email reports
  • Role based access (administrator, auditor & user)
  • Complete audit reports
  • Allow/deny access to end users

Highly Secure Infrastructure

Your archived email data is completely secured from any unauthorized access with multiple layers of security & safeguards which can ward off any external security threat

  • Robust security policies
  • Regular 3rd party audits
  • Servers in tier 3 IDCs across the globe
  • Compliance to ISO 27001 & 9001 standards

Uninterrupted Access

Redundant & fault tolerant infrastructure ensures always-on availability to ensure on-demand retrieval of emails

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Bound by service level agreement (SLA)

Tamper-proof Storage

Store emails in tamper-proof format to ensure compliance with archiving rules & regulations

  • Encrypted and tamper-proof storage
  • AES encryption with PBE MD5

Automated Email Purging

Automatically delete archived emails after specified period to manage storage space

  • Auto purge emails after specified period
  • Criteria based customized purging rules

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